Helen Rhiannon, where do I even begin?!?! From the bottom of my heart Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for all your help, support and guidance in creating ‘The Angharad’ Being engaged for 2 years…a very happy time but one thing that shadowed that was going wedding dress shopping!! A daunting thought having another lady seeing my body nakey!! But from the second i walked into the boutique (on my own) i was greeted with a cuppa and a fondant fancie! Yum:) We sat for ages sipping my tea whilst Rachel was asking questions about the wedding-the time of year, the theme, location etc and before i knew it she visualised the whole day just like i did!! Rachel pulled a few dresses out for me to see, and we tried the first one on-a Helen Rhianon dress called ‘Rhiannon’. I knew i didn’t want a starchy laced boned dress as i wanted to feel comfortable on my big day. SHE WAS ABSOLOUTLEY PERFECT!!!

Comfortable, soft on my skin and elegant! I smiled instantly and knew I’d found the one! Of course i needed to return with my mami for her approval! When i returned with my mami she loved it and said it was very me:) One thing Rachel makes sure of is that her brides are true to their personalities. Be who you are on your big day not what people want you to be! 
A gentle knock on the door and in comes Helen Rhiannon, the tall, beautiful designer, both Helen and Rachel are similar in personalities-Happy, Bubbly and so accommodating!! Baring in mind my second appointment was at 8pm (due to my work commitments) and both were as fresh as daises after a 12 hour day!! Helen started measuring me for ‘The Angharad’ and we sat down for a while chatting about things i would like to alter from the ‘Rhiannon’, Rachel then mentioned a veil, so Rachel explained the vocabulary of Veils-i didn’t now there were so many-so we decided on a beautiful, simple cathedral length veil, made again in Wales!

That night i walked out of the boutique with a beaming smile and weight off my shoulders knowing my dress was going to be perfect in the hands of Helen and Rachel. Within weeks Helen worked her wonders and she arrived the boutique! I tried her on and my mother starts crying and so did i!!!! She was just perfect!! All i ever wanted and more:) Thank you, Thank you, Thank you both for everything!!! I miss our regular appointments! It was just like a girly night in with best friends trying on a special dress!! Diolch lovely ladies!! xx