A huge thank you for helping make sure my wedding day was just perfect!  I’ll confess I’m not a natural bride and felt physically sick at the thought of choosing a wedding dress.  I’d been to a couple of shops and there was nothing that fitted, was comfortable or in a style I liked.  It’s a bit of an underestimation to say I was in a panic as a result.

Then one of my best friends mentioned Rachel Burgess’ boutique in Penarth which sells Helen Rhiannon’s dresses.  I live in Leeds so buying a dress that would require several fittings a 9+ hour round trip away was going to be a bit of a commitment.  But, on my first visit, as soon as I tried my dress on it was so comfortable I just said yes.

I’ll admit the exact style of the dress I chose wasn’t quite what I wanted but Helen was so helpful and accommodating that with some rework I ended up with just the perfect dress.  The advice and guidance that Helen gave along the way helped make me a lot braver in my decisions and the dress I ended up with is amazing beyond anything I’d ever dreamt of.  Its beautiful, fits perfectly and is fabulously comfortable to wear.  Having such a wonderful dress made me feel so special, my wedding day was just perfect!!!!  All I want to say is “Helen Rhiannon, you are an utter goddess and an angel and helped make all my dreams come true”.

Thanks ever so much for giving me the perfect wedding dress.  It really made me feel so special.  It’s still hanging in the bedroom, I can’t bear to hide it away 🙂