In 2012 I had my wedding dress designed and made by Helen Rhiannon.

I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to start with but with Helen’s help we came up with a design that suited my figure and my wedding. Working with Helen was a pleasure from beginning to end, it was great fun and I felt completely at ease throughout the process.

I knew I could trust Helen to make a beautiful dress for me.  She was incredibly flexible when it came to me changing my mind on things!

The outcome was amazing, my dress was beautiful but the thing that meant the most to me was the fact that no one else anywhere would have the same wedding dress as me and it had been made with my wedding and me in mind.  She even sewed mine and my husbands name and the date of our wedding on the inside of the dress.

The time and intricate details that she put into my dress was outstanding.  My lace vale was completely hand sewn from a square piece of lace to a stunning scalloped edged piece and I couldn’t even tell where she had cut it which I was amazed by.  As I was getting married in the South of France she took into consideration the weather and choose the perfect fabrics to avoid me being too hot or restricted which meant I comfortably left my dress on all day and night.

Being a part of my dresses’ creation was an experience I will never forget, the personalised service that Helen provides is just wonderful and was my favourite part of my wedding preparations, because of this my dress will now become a family air loom which means a lot to me.

I would highly recommend both Helen’s talent and her personality, it takes a lovely type of person to be able to calm a bride and listen to all the rants and make you leave smiling while being able to make you the perfect dress.