“I knew my wedding dress had to be the most special dress that I would ever wear, something that made me feel fantastic and something that would be a talking piece for my guests…that seemed like a lot to ask for from a dress. I wondered, was that an unrealistic expectation?

The minute I put Helen’s dress on, I felt like a million bucks! The smooth satin lining against my skin, the luxuriously thick and rich lace that ‘held me in’ in all the right places, the beautiful and delicate flower detail under my bust, all felt so special and elegant. But the part I really loved about this dress, (which had my best friend jumping up and down with glee) was THAT fit on my hips. The dress celebrated and flattered my figure. I had thought I would need to spend all my time in the gym to try and change my figure for a wedding dress; Helen’s design was such a beautiful celebration of a woman’s figure that I didn’t need to change anything.

Every time I attended a fitting and put my dress on, I felt powerful, confident and the best possible version of myself, such was the beauty of the dress. I couldn’t imagine better feelings to have as a bride! And each fitting was so fun! Having a dress made for your measurements is the most exciting and unique experience.

Helen was so professional, friendly and warm and I felt really involved in the development of my dress, able to pick exactly how I wanted the neckline, train and the fit, all the while having expert advice and help.

Helen, I can’t thank you enough for a wonderful experience and for my dress, which I truly love and enjoyed wearing so much. My dress really did end up being a talking point and I was very proud to tell everyone that it was a Helen Rhiannon creation.”

Lucy’s Dress was from the Rachel Burgess Bridal Boutique, Penarth.

Photography by Jason Parsons.