I first visited Rachels shop on a snowy day with my best friend Carly. We thought we would pop in and have a sneaky peek at some beautiful dresses whilst we were on lunch. We fell in love with the shop and Rachel so made an appointment to come back with the mums to try on some dresses. I had already tried some dresses on in some other high end shops but had  Not found “the one”.

We had the most amazing fitting with Rachel. I tried on a few dresses which were beautiful but not was I was looking for. I then tried on a dress which i thought would never fit me and instantly knew I had found the perfect dress. It was so comfortable and I felt like a princess. We decided that there were certain parts that I wanted to change so Rachel suggested I met with the fabulous designer Helen Rhiannon.

I was so excited as I googled Helen and discovered all the beautiful dresses that she has made. We arranged a meeting with Helen and when I first meet her I felt that I have always known her. She put me at ease and together we designed the beautiful dress Sarah Jayne. I danced all night in my dress and it fitted like a glove. I didnt have anything sticking in me and I didnt want to get out of it. I even managed to go to the toilet by myself. I would recommend anyone to visit Helen to find the perfect dress. I am proud to say that Helen Rhiannon made my beautiful wedding dress

Video by Aperture Wedding films