“I fell in love with the dress almost immediately. That was the easy part. I loved every detail of it, from the delicate bows in the lace, to the reams of skirt. It was a beautiful dress by this fabulous Welsh designer called Helen Rhiannon, and I found it in a lovely independent bridal boutique in Penarth, where my parents live. However, I was quite nervous about whether it would suit me, worried about how it would look on me. As soon as I met Helen I felt at ease. She made the whole process so easy, and most of all, enjoyable.

Not only is Helen brimming with creativity, she also has a real talent for instilling confidence in others. Helen was generous with her time and guidance. This comes through in every encouraging smile and every thread, it’s woven into her whole ethos, and this made all the difference.

I looked forward to coming home from London to Penarth for fittings, seeing Helen and Rachel, and watching the dress take shape. At some points along the way we made adjustments, such as removing the waist sash bow, and Helen kindly offered, and sourced, alternatives, or we experimented with different options for chest support. At every point Helen’s priority was my happiness with the dress.

I loved wearing the dress. Helen told me when I first met her that she likes her dresses reflect her brides – my dress felt like me and I felt comfortable, natural and glamorous all at once, and will always remember how happy I felt when people commented that it was exactly ‘me.’

I was so proud to wear a Helen Rhiannon dress and would recommend her to anyone with all my heart!”


Dress stocked at the Rachel Burgess Bridal Boutique, Penarth.

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